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Keyword Competing is a keyword spy tool to spy on your competitors 's PPC and SEO campaigns, and scrape meta keywords from competitors websites. If you are looking for a keywordspy alternative, which is not expensive, please download Keyword Competing from our website. It is free to try, and very cost-effective.

Keyword Competing is a great keyword spy tool that can tell you what are your competitors keywords, which exact terms and phrases that are driving the most traffic to your competitors' websites, helping you increase targeted traffic and lower your cost-per-acquisition. Using Keyword Competing today, you've been able to rapidly gather keywords to launch new adword campaigns and other ppc campaigns in other major search engines like yahoo and bing. You can easily find your competitor's keywords and their online advertisement rankings. With this keyword spy software, you can succeed in online marketing with in-depth compatitor analysis: Traffic is up and sales are booming!

Key Features of Keyword Competing

  1. Spy on competitors keywords, view keyword position, ad copy and ad ranking
  2. Dicover competitor keyword usage in competitors PPC, SEO campaigns
  3. Analyse competitor website, collect competitor website meta keywords,decriptions, and webpage titles
  4. Find other competitive Intelligence data about online marketing, including organic search rankings for keywords

Please download this software to try 7-day free keyword spy tool.

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Most keyword tools on the market today are very expensive, one-dimensional, and have limited utility. They generate lists of keywords that may or may not be relevant to your business, and don't offer much else. Except the feature of finding competitors keywords, our software provides customers with three core benefits not offered by traditional search-based keyword products:

a. Spy on high and low competition keywords
Keyword Competing is an powerful tool which enables you quickly and efficiently to gather hundreds of thousands of keywords in just a few minutes. But it's not enough to generate a list of the most commonly searched keywords. Websites need extensive lists of low and high competitor keywords—the keywords which are in low and high ranking of adword campaigns. This will allow you to identify which keywords will be better used in advertising so that you can achive top ranking and create more instant traffic but with lower bid price due to low competitions. Moreover, it will help you how to attract the right audience to your website: qualified searchers who might want to buy the product or service you're selling. You can easily identify which are low competition keywords in your niche market by spying on your competiitors.

b. Generate New Profitable Keywords
SEO and PPC can't be treated as one-time assessment. You can't generate a brief list of website keywords and expect your website's search performance to improve over time. You need to expand your list and build up its value. But most search marketers struggle to fit this time-consuming and monotonous activity into their busy schedules. Instead of growing your website's keywords over time, Keyword Competing overcomes this common problem by enabling continuous keyword discovery, all the results you can be with integration with Google, Yahoo and Bing analysis that tracks new visitors to your website on a daily basis. The keywords that search engine users type in to find your website will automatically be imported into your keyword database. This means profitable keywords for your website can grow into the thousands or hundreds of thousands, with very little work on your part beyond review and maintenance. Try this great key word spy tool. It is for 7-day free trial.

c. Keyword Management
An effective and multifaceted keyword management solution will foster more fruitful, data-driven search engine marketing efforts. It will help you more easily approach to discovering, analyzing, grouping and organizing large numbers of keywords, with the objective of prioritizing, collaborating and acting on keyword data to build and optimize your PPC and/or SEO search marketing campaign.

Our Keyword Competing's real value proposition is the keyword management solution, which enables you to quickly and efficiently take control of your keyword research, raise your search marketing revenue and vastly improve your team's productivity. It allows you to act on your keyword opportunities to perform keyword discovery, research, grouping and other tasks. This makes your organic search and pay-per-click advertising management much more approachable and effective than alternative, labor-intensive methods available. By spying keywords used in your competitors online marketing campaigns, Please evaluate our keyword spy software now.

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No other keyword spy tools, like keywordspy, ppc web spy, or spyfu, can compare to Keyword Competing. Whether you are managing a natural or a paid search marketing campaign, Keyword Competing enables you to maximize your productivity and lower your search costs. Earning a living on the internet just got a whole lot easier. Try this keywords spy tool for free, which will help you get useful online maketing intelligence data.

Keyword Competing is one of the best ppc keyword spy tools for you to spy keyword competition online. It can find profitable keywords your competitors are using, identify high traffic low competition keywords, and spy on your competitors' PPC and SEO campaigns in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Keyword Competing is a hot keyword spy tool to discover competitors meta tags and many website long tail keywords used by competitors.


Keyword Competing is not only a great competitor keyword spy tool, but also a powerful ppc tracking software to let you know how to find out competitors ppc keywords and see how many ads are running on that keyword.