Competitors Analysis

You can get information about your competitors analysis as follows:

1. Discover new competitors and get seed keywords, ad keywords and keywords with Meta Tag Spider from relevant websites. This approach will get you lots of valuable keywords.

  • Please note that only 10 new possible competitors can be shown in Evaluation Edition, while it is unlimited in Standard Edition.

2. Scrape meta keywords, descriptions and homepage title from competitors' websites.

3. Find out competitors' PPC keywords with ad variations and ad rankings, and how many competing ads are running for each keyword. (Identify high and low competition keywords.)

4. Check organic ranking for each competitor's keyword and focus on competitors' top organic keywords.

5. Compare your keyword PPC and organic positions with your competitors. In the meanwhile, find out competitors' abandoned keywords and newly added keywords.

  • Please note that you have added My Websites, or you cannot compare with your competitors. Read Additional Remarks for reference.